RADIO Millport is back on the air for 2022 – giving aspiring radio presenters the chance to get involved from the comfort of their own home.

The station has been on hiatus throughout the pandemic, but is back to the delight of islanders and those on the mainland able to pick up the signal.

Station manager Stevie Muir says he’s delighted to be back – and can’t wait to welcome some new faces.

He said: “Now that the restrictions have eased, we are looking to bring people back into the hot seat with presenters old and new.

“We currently have six people but that will soon increase to four, so there is plenty of room for budding radio DJs to get involved.

“The station is always on the lookout for companies or individuals who would also like to sponsor our brilliant shows.

“Sponsors get a little shoutout every 20 minutes during shows and on our playlist, which is streamed 24 hours a day online.”

Stevie reveals the station can now hire presenters who would prefer to broadcast from home, meaning more people outside of Millport can get involved.

He explained, “During the pandemic, we have managed to set up a few presenters to work from home, and we even have one doing a weekly show from California for six months of the year.

“All people need is a good set-up and a good internet connection, and I’m sure we can find a niche for them in their schedule.

“We hope this will make debuting on radio much more accessible to people, and it also gives us some security for the future of the station.

“If for any reason we were to get rid of our physical studio, Radio Millport could continue to broadcast online.”

Stevie revealed some of her plans for the coming year, including a new live show on video streaming platform Twitch.

He explained, “We have two guys doing a fantastic sports show and they’re looking to integrate it visually on Twitch.

“Essentially they would have a live broadcast from the studio and they would comment and give analysis on matches or football highlights, while also being on air.

“Just before the pandemic, we also started broadcasting live commentary from Largs Thistle games, and we even built a custom shed in Barrfields Park.

“It’s been shut down due to Covid and travel restrictions, but we’d love to get it up and running again if given the chance.”

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