Leominster’s own radio station, WLPZ-FM 95.1, is hosting a Bob Dylan special on Wednesday September 29th.

Inspired by a Dylan tribute album, local musician and radio DJ Johnny Girouard hosts the show featuring local musicians performing Dylan’s songs.

“I called all these different people and they all agreed to send a Bob Dylan song,” says Girouard. “I thought if we could do that that would be great. “

Some of the local musicians playing their versions of Dylan’s songs for this show include Mike “The Mag” Crisci, Scott Babineau, Dwayne Haggins, AnnMarie and Mark Marquis, Mike Kelly, Jimmy Weeks and, of course, Girouard and his own band, 5 Additional cents.

“It’s Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday this year, and although he’s already celebrated his 80th birthday, he’s been in the music business for 60 years. There has been a lot of coverage over the past few months in different magazines, ”said Girouard.

Bob Dylan has always been a favorite of Girouard. He first heard of Bob Dylan when he was in his second year in high school. On his way home from Leominster high school one day, he stopped at a convenience store.

“There was a paperback rack in the corner. And I happened to see a book that caught my attention. The guy on the cover was playing the guitar. I went to look for it and it was written “Bob Dylan, the folk singer and the history of folk rock”, remembers Girouard. “I thought it looked good and read the back. So I bought it for 50 cents. I still have it.

“I read it and was floored by it,” he added. “I think at that time he had three albums. And I went to buy them all. And I have been buying since.

Girouard now has over 60 Dylan albums.

“I finally got to see him at Boston Garden,” said Girouard.

Bob Dylan’s show will follow the format of many of Girouard’s other weekly radio shows – which featured individual artists or a specific theme.

“All my shows come from my vinyl records,” says Girouard. “I go through my files and determine what my theme is for the week. It could be women in song, it could be a certain band or artist.

“One week I had a travel theme that was made up of all the songs about driving a car or a train, coming home, leaving home, leaving a person, coming back to someone, coming back to a place, ”he said.

Music experts even came to perform in the show, explaining the origin of a type of music and instruments.

“I’m doing my homework,” said Girouard. “I go online and I find all the information I can about them and I condense it and tell their story and their story.”

Johnny Girouard's weekly show on WLPZ-FM 95.1 on Wednesday, September 29 will feature local musicians covering Bob Dylan sings.

People listen to Girouard via WLPZ’s online stream from across the country, even Europe, and he regularly receives commentary from listeners.

For residents and former natives of Leominster, said Girouard, “it is a way for them to stay in touch with their hometown”.

The show will air from 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 29 on WLPZ-FM 95.1. An online feed is available at wlpz.org.