Listen to John Maytham on the very first CapeTalk show, exactly 25 years ago to the day.

On this day, exactly 25 years ago, CapeTalk hit the airwaves.

The show begins with an old-school jingle, then the now familiar voice of John Maytham greets our very first listeners.

John Maytham. Photo:

A very hello to you, the very first listeners of CapeTalk as we come to you live from our Bree Street studios with Cape Town’s first talk radio station! My name is John Maytham and, unusually for me, I am almost at a loss for words…

John Maytham, presenter – CapeTalk

Maytham, unsurprisingly, then turned to the poetry of William Shakespeare.

In matters we like, we get up early and go there with delight! I’ve never been to anything happier than that first airing of the first show on the first talk radio station in the nation’s first city!

John Maytham, presenter – CapeTalk

We want to be part of your lives – your source of information, entertainment, scandal and pleasure. We want to be your contact with your community. We are going to be a big radio for this big city…

John Maytham, presenter – CapeTalk

Maytham then cuts to Eyewitness News for a report by Jane Dutton on Cape Town’s booming sex trade and its estimated 400 brothels.

Scroll up to listen to CapeTalk’s first-ever broadcast.

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