The radio programme, produced by Greater Govanhill, originally aired on August 12 to accompany the new exhibit which is displayed in the windows of shops and cafes in the area. From a simple white feather to a pair of hearing aids to a faceless rabbit, the hour-long show features interviews with the owners of the special items along with music selected by them.

The stories behind the precious objects reveal the cultural and social diversity of Govanhill. Maria Marchidanu brought a 200-year-old Romanian blouse, an artifact telling the story of migration in Europe. “The blouse functions as a map of people’s movements,” Maria said. “He’s a storyteller who sits on a coat hanger.” She chose a song by Maria Tanase, known as the Romanian Edith Piaf, to accompany her.

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For Ewelina Glowczyk, a little angel bought from a florist embodies the hospitality of people in Scotland who were like angels to her. “When I look at this one, I see humility, I see presence, I see simplicity, authenticity and non-judgment. These are the characteristics of the people I have met in my life who were like angels to me.” His tune was a Polish song which means Here I send an angel.

For Rachel MacLeod, her hearing aids represent a journey of acceptance of her deafness. “When I was younger, they represented everything that was wrong with me. They were a symbol of all the barriers I had encountered growing up as a deaf girl. As I began to age and learn things like intersectionality and the role of access to opportunity and how society treats people with disabilities, I started on this journey of accepting my hearing aids,” she said. His song is You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry & The Pacemakers.

The show is hosted by journalist Sorana Horsia and filmmaker Shanine Ghallagher. It was produced by Sam Welch. It was broadcast by local online community station, Radio Buena Vida, on August 12 and can be heard anytime on Radio Buena Vida’s SoundCloud page.

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The show supports the exhibition around the storefronts in Govanhill which features photos of the special items taken by Morwenna Keasley, a resident artist with Street Level Photoworks, as part of the Culture Collective programme. The project was a collaboration with Greater Govanhill and Thriving places Govanhill. It was part of the Govanhill International Festival and was also part of the Scottish Year of Stories.

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