Lemonada Media Launches New ‘Interesting V’ Podcast


Lemonada Media is launching “V Interesting” – a new bi-weekly podcast hosted by TikTok star V Spehar. Part explanatory, part thought-provoking show, every Tuesday and Friday, the “Under the Desk News” anchor will bring her sharp outfits and witty commentary to make you the most knowledgeable and “v interesting” person. “of any crowd.

On Tuesdays, V will highlight the interesting parts of stories we often lose in the chaotic news cycle, with a breakdown of everything from headlines to quirky under-the-radar news. Fridays are their chance to spend a lot of time digging into the big, complex, lingering issues that matter most, but don’t have a simple, tweetable solution. Friday’s episodes will also be shared in video format on YouTube as well as traditional audio platforms.

“I’m so excited to have the opportunity to do this show with Lemonada, who totally understood my vision to create something like a talk show crossed with a slumber party, like a conversation without the scary tactics to relieve the doomscrolling,” V said. “It will be great to have more time to do things like answer questions from the audience and dig deeper into the news than the little bits I do on TikTok.”

“The news cycle is confusing and polarizing. The partnership between Lemonada and V means we can help people understand the story behind the news and stay informed while being entertained,” shared the CEO and co-founder by Lemonada Media, Jessica Cordova Kramer. “We love the vibrant community V has built on TikTok and are thrilled to welcome their fans to our Lemonada family.”