At this point Kyle and Jackie finally got back in the air and half explained what had happened.

“We’re back, everyone. You would have heard the show was dropped when Alan Jones was our special guest,” Kyle said.

“We were going into weird territory, comparing cars and houses, probably a little… I was having fun with him. Then the show was dropped by censorship.

“The censor’s job here on the show is, if somebody drops the F-bomb or the C-bomb or says something that might get somebody in legal trouble, she reports it,” Kyle clarified.

Jackie then chimed in and said beeps are “fine” but a dump is a “completely different story”.

The duo went on to explain that what we hear on air is 30 seconds behind real time, so it’s understandable that listeners are confused as to why the show was suddenly “emptied”.

“So you’re probably hearing something getting dumped thinking, ‘They weren’t saying anything [that bad]”, but that’s what happened after that, the dumped part,” Jackie revealed.

Kyle then added, “And it wasn’t a big deal as far as I’m concerned, but there’s an internal problem,” before being warned by the censor.

kyle and jackie o


When the beeps ended, Jackie says she was ‘confused’ as to why they were dumped and said there must have been ‘miscommunication’, before she was also beeped .

After that beep, Kyle said, “I spoke to my lawyer quickly because this is a very big situation.”

“Communication, when it breaks down internally, anything can happen. So it’s too dangerous for me. My lawyer told me, “Get off the air until everyone sings the same hymnal.”

Then, after some final words about how “communication is key in these situations,” from Jackie, the duo said they were going home and ending the show early.

A KIISFM spokesperson said 7news that, “Kyle was upset about a segment that was dropped this morning and decided to give himself and the team an early note. The guys are back Monday starting at 6am.

As for what Kyle, Jackie, or their guest, Alan, said that deserved a dump… our guess is as good as yours. Stay tuned.