True Crime/Unsolved Mysteries, one of the most popular podcast genres, has proven itself as a weekend program on iHeartMedia talk KFI Los Angeles (640). “Unsolved” hosted by KFI reporter Steve Gregory, enters its second year on Saturday nights (8-10 p.m.) April 2.

The program, which tells stories of cold cases from the Los Angeles area, grew out of a segment Gregory did on KFI’s midday show.

“I had done a segment on the Gary and Shannon Show, and the listeners responded very positively,” Gregory told Los Angeles media reporter Richard Wagoner in an article on the Los Angeles Daily News. “[KFI PD] Robin Bertolucci loved her too, and when I passed her in the hallway, I joked about doing a weekly show. She stopped and thought…we talked over the next few weeks…and finally, it happened.

The program also details hard cases, where Gregory provides a behind-the-scenes look at hard-to-solve cases.

Due to his already busy schedule at the station, only 10 original episodes aired in the first year. A recap of the episodes was recorded in front of a live audience and aired as an extra show.

“There are over 10,000 unsolved homicides in Southern California,” Gregory said. “At first, some agencies were reluctant to talk openly about many cases; now they contact me about cases they want to discuss further.

And yes, the weekly shows are available on demand and accessible HERE.