Report: Key takeaways from Ana’s press conference

Westwood One

Last week, 300 media executives from America’s largest and most respected advertisers attended the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) 2022 Media Conference. Another 700 attendees participated virtually. This week’s blog from Cumulus Media and Westwood One Audio Active Group features some of the key takeaways.

  • “Humanity must be at the center of everything we do [in media and marketing]”, Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of National Advertisers. Studies show that advertisements that make you feel something generate greater sales and profits than rational advertisements. People-centered media such as AM radio /FM generate twice the attention of music platforms without humans (Pandore/Spotify).
  • Marc Pritchard, Global CMO, Procter & Gamble proposed five goals for media: Respect consumer data as their data; Innovate in media buying and placement; Connecting media to commerce; Innovate to engage consumers; Accelerate growth with multicultural media.
  • Manuel Reyes, CEO of Cortex Media, a consultancy that works with marketers on their media investments, said the growing pile of audience deficit units is a “huge problem” for brands.
  • The risk of ad fraud and the lack of verification and transparency are major issues for CTV programmatic open exchanges, according to DJ Perea, director of the media center of excellence at Boehringer Ingelheim.
  • Mark Stewart, ANA’s Senior Vice President of Media, reported on their PwC study which found that “only 50¢ of every dollar invested by programmatic media marketers reaches publishers and only half of it results in a visible impression”.
  • Luke Kigel, Vice President of Walgreens Media and Head of Walgreens Advertising Group found no impact from eliminating the flyer from their business. It’s a powerful lesson for any retailer who thinks their business would plummet without the flyer.
  • Lou Paskalis, a longtime client-side marketer and former senior vice president at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, explained that the news audience is exceptionally valuable, attentive, and deserves greater investment from brands.
  • Making advertising less intrusive and a valued part of the media experience is a key goal for GroupM CEO Kirk McDonald. Ads that are a key aspect of content have low ad skip levels.
  • Speaking of consumer attention, Visa’s Mary Ann Reilly revealed the “hidden measures” of the media, those who have actually been exposed to advertising with sufficient attention time.