Kehlani isn’t holding back after feeling seriously disrespected during a recent interview.

“I had to keep quiet,” the singer, who uses she/they pronouns, wrote on an Instagram story. “Every other interview was super bubbly, warm, informative and open. From start to finish, this interview [was] grumpy, lots of teasing and pushy as shit.

The interview in question concerned The morning bustleand immediately got off to a bad start after co-host Headkrack chose to open things up with what looked like a mockery of Kehlani’s pronouns.

“They are here, and this is her, and she is with us. Her name is Kehlani,” he said at the very beginning.

Fans quickly realized how uncomfortable Kehlani looked throughout the interview after that initial feeling, and things only got worse when the hosts asked her if she had a interest in chiseling her friend and industry colleague SZA, if there was anything between her and Megan Thee. Stallion, what if she knew 070 Shake – his girlfriend.

The morning bustle‘s Lore’l applauded Kehlani, saying they were the ones making things uncomfortable and they just didn’t want to do ‘urban media’ interviews when they had greater opportunities to interview.

Kehlani’s fans couldn’t stand this and called out the show for their lack of professionalism and lack of respect.

And Kehlani herself pointed out that she didn’t disrespect them on the show despite everything they said to her, while accusing them of “stretching this situation out to gain leverage when it’s obvious that I was RESPONDING vigorously to what was thrown at me.”

Unfortunately for fans, Kehlani said they’re forgoing most interviews after the bad experience, opting to only talk to “a few people who really care about me and have always been in my corner.”

It only takes a few people to ruin it for everyone!