A K-pop radio show called “K-pop Radar” analyzing weekly K-pop charts will air in the United States for the very first time from the end of this month, the local music startup announced on Thursday. Space Oddity.

“We will begin posting a weekly K-pop trending chart titled ‘K-pop Radar’ on US broadcasting company SiriusXM’s radio channel,” the company said.

The weekly chart will take into account the number of YouTube views on K-pop artists’ content and the increase in their fandoms by measuring their followers on Instagram and Spotify.

“Manufacturing graphic rankings is impossible and we will only publish transparent information that everyone can check for themselves.”

The radio show airs every Thursday on SiriusXM’s 88rising Radio channel. The charts will be available every Friday on the K-pop radar website www.kpop-radar.com and the official Twitter account.

The program’s DJ is singer Jamie, who debuted in 2012 as a member of R&B duo 15 & under JYP Entertainment after winning the first season of SBS audition program “K-pop Star” in 2011. She became a solo artist in 2015 and is known for songs such as “Hopeless Love” (2015)”, “Stay Beautiful” (2019) and “Apollo 11” (2020).

BY LEE JAE-LIM [[email protected]]