The moment college basketball fans have been waiting for has arrived with the start of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. As the first round ends on Friday, it’s safe to say that the “madness” has already ensued; after all, three of yesterday’s games ended in overtime.

Most sports radio hosts are invested in the college basketball action, but perhaps no more so than Joe Giglio, co-host of The OG with Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio on 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh, NC While the show was in the middle of its “What’s Trending” segment, the game between No. 5 Iowa and No. 12 Richmond ended in overtime . Giglio, not wanting his parenthesis to be spoiled, delayed the show to watch the endgame, which cultivated unique live banter between him and his co-host.

“I’m not the only person who’s – A – picked Richmond, which I’m probably in the minority on that, but there are a lot of people who have Iowa in the Final Four; otherwise win this thing,” exclaimed Giglio.

In an effort to move the show forward, co-host Joe Ovies attempted to return to the “What’s Trending” segment, revealing that trending topic number two was about Baker Mayfield. Listeners remained unsure, however, of what exactly the topic would be — even though Mayfield had just requested a trade from the Cleveland Browns — because Ovies was unable to concentrate, inadvertently diverting his attention to the hours’ action. additional.

“Honestly, I can’t go on with the show because Giglio is just gonna blurt out anything, so we’re just gonna have to wait for it to end,” Ovies told listeners.

Shortly after, one of the teams took a timeout, which meant it was the perfect time to try and reduce the show’s entropic momentum. “Let’s talk about Baker Mayfield while they’re in downtime – damn it,” Ovies said, laughing when he realized there was no way the show would go on until the final bell sounded.

“Oh, that’s a mistake!” Giglio shouted as the game resumed.

“For some reason, I apparently have the ability to multitask, and not everyone in this building has any ability to multitask when it comes to an event. sporting going,” Ovies explained.

The odds of completing a perfect slice of March Madness are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. Giglio cares deeply about his support despite the low odds of completing a perfect one, and wanted Richmond to win since he got them. Upgrade to Elite 8.

The game appeared to drag towards the end – then more time was added to the clock by the officials. By then, Ovies had had enough and wanted to continue his radio show.

“I would like to continue the show!” said Ovies in desperation. “I can’t keep the show going if this game keeps getting bogged down. Those five seconds take ten minutes.

When producer Jonathan Rand played the “What’s Trending” sound effect again before the game ended, Ovies wondered why they were even on the air if they were just going to react in real time to a college basketball game.

“Why are we doing this?” Ovies asked. “We’re not moving forward because they’re going back on the pitch now and I won’t be able to continue because Giglio is watching with close attention. I mean, that’s where we are right now.

Finally, the game ended with an upset victory for Richmond 67-63, setting them up for a second-round clash with No. 4 Providence on Saturday. Giglio stood and clapped after the show was significantly delayed, and conveyed his emotions to Ovies and the audience listening to him.

“Your boy is feeling great,” Giglio said, referring to the fact that his parenthesis has been kept — for now.