A 46-year-old TV reporter who spoke about his cancer diagnosis has died, ITV confirmed.

Gary Burgess died peacefully in his sleep in a Jersey hospice on New Years Day. Doctors had found tumors on his lungs and told him they were inoperable.

He was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1999 and treated for other tumors in 2015 and 2016.

Burgess used a popular blog to record his condition. In November 2020, he told his followers he had six to 12 months to live and documented his cancer journey after receiving the terminal diagnosis.

The Manchester-born broadcaster set the world record for longest radio show on Blackpool’s Radio Wave, staying on the air for 76 hours and raising money for charity.

In a final post, written for ITV to be broadcast after his death, the reporter wrote: “I’ve had the best life. I had the luckiest life.

“I met my soul mate and the love of my life who became my husband. I got to work with some of the most amazing people in newsrooms and studios, doing the job that I absolutely adore .

“I was able to share my relatively short time on this planet surrounded by friends and loved ones who have enriched my life in ways they may never fully understand.

“My greatest sorrow is the prospect of leaving all of this and everyone behind. The idea of ​​doing this for [my husband] Alan is unfathomable to deal with, but I also know that the very people who have shown me love and support are now going to sum up those feelings around him in the coming days.

“It’s time for me to hand my microphone and keyboard over to others to talk about me, when my last words are just ‘thank you’.

“Each person in my life has, in their own way, helped me live my best life. That should do.”

Burgess began his career at Radio Wave in Blackpool in 1992, which he left nine years later. He started working as a reporter for ITV Channel TV in May 2011 in the Guernsey newsroom, before moving to Jersey in March 2012.

Burgess, who married her husband, Alan, in 2018, was the first to convert her civil partnership into marriage. Their marriage certificate is number one on the conversion register.