Alex Jones attacked Trump on Wednesday, saying the former president “doesn’t know what he’s doing.”Zach Roberts / NurPhoto via Getty Images

  • InfoWars host Alex Jones fought former President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

  • Angered by Trump’s support for vaccines, Jones threatened to “throw all the dirt at him.”

  • Jones criticized Trump’s social media platform TruthSocial, suggesting it was not a “real network.”

InfoWars host Alex Jones has torn apart former President Donald Trump and his future social media platform TruthSocial over Trump’s recent public approval of COVID-19 vaccines.

Jones, who was previously a strong supporter of Trump, told listeners to his InfoWars show on Wednesday to “move on” from the former president.

“Yeah, we all wish Trump did the right thing. But look, I’ve got baseball inside on Trump – he doesn’t know what’s going on. And I’m not even defending Trump, I’m just saying we “I have to move on,” said Jones, a prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist.

He then threatened to “throw all the dirt” at Trump, claiming he had access to anonymous sources from “inside Trump’s camp,” Zach Petrizzo’s first report from The Daily Beast.

“It’s not to hurt Trump, it’s to let people know how pathetic he is when you think he’s playing 4D chess [and] is going to save you and it doesn’t, ”Jones said.

He said Trump was “not a bad guy,” but added that the former president “doesn’t know what he’s doing” and is “surrounded by bad advisers.”

Jones also criticized TruthSocial. “He’s got this multi-billion dollar Mastodon-based social media network that they say is a quirky program that doesn’t even work,” he said.

“And there are all these SEC Criminal Investigations of it all right now, “Jones continued.” And it all falls apart. “

Trump revealed in a Dec. 19 appearance with the former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly that he had received a booster shot and told people in the crowd not to boo because of it. Later in an interview with Conservative commentator and activist Candace Owens, he repeated the same sentiment.

“Trump did a lot of good, and I believed in him” Jones later said after Trump’s comments. “So the fact that he did that makes it personal. It hurts ! “

“You are either completely ignorant … or you are one of the most evil men who have ever lived,” he also said on a Christmas broadcast of his show.

Jones joins several far-right commentators in their new critique of the former president.

Other people who have recently lashed out against the former president include longtime radio host and Trump supporter Wayne Allyn Root, who said in the Jones show that Trump is “horribly wrong” about vaccines and “needs intervention.”

Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander also lambasted Trump, writing about his Telegram string: “Trump, stop. Stop. Have your position (supported by Fauci) and allow us to have ours (which is supported by science). This loss is becoming annoying at the baby boomer level.”

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