The Raiders’ loss on Sunday officially put their season on life support, but the longer-term disappointment was the players’ body language during the game.

Appearing on 920 AM Raider Nation Radio, ESPN personality Jason Fitz spoke of a “disconnect” among players he had never seen from the Raiders before.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Raiders team less interested in such a big way than what we saw on Sunday,” Fitz said on the Morning Tailgate with Clay Baker.

“Here’s the most disturbing thing to me about the loss,” Fitz continued. “It’s not that the Raiders lost the football game. It was his body language, it was his defeat, he was watching Derek Carr sitting on the sideline staring into nothingness, Davante Adams staring into nothingness. There was a play in the fourth quarter where Carr was knocked down and none of the offensive linemen even noticed to help him out of the field…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Raiders team less interested in such a point. significance than what we saw on Sunday.

For what it’s worth, Fitz wasn’t the only one calling out the Raiders’ lack of effort this week.

Raiders radio host (and team employee) JT The Brick had this to say on his daily radio show…

“This is a team that, for the first time in the Josh McDaniels era, showed no passion for playing the game and picking either one up. They didn’t show any intensity, they didn’t didn’t seem to fight much and that’s really disappointing.

As for the game where Carr’s teammates didn’t get him back, he was knocked down only once in the fourth quarter against the Saints. His teammates realized he was down, but the rally around their quarterback was certainly uninspiring…

After all the heat the team has been through, it will be interesting to see how they react in Jacksonville on Sunday.

A loss to the lowly Jaguars would wipe out all of the Raiders’ unlikely chances of making the playoffs…and it’s only the first week of November.

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