HT Media Ltd. partnered with AdsWizz to create India’s premier programmatic podcast marketplace.

This strategic relationship allows brands to access millions of listeners in India through the buying and selling of podcast ads in real time. Named “FabX”, it is the newest addition to the vast HT media offering.

Podcast advertising is still in its infancy in India. Among the choices one has when it comes to podcasting, sponsored episodes and branded podcasts are the obvious options available to both publisher and advertiser, with Programmatic as the new avenue, it’s a win-win situation. – winning for the podcast industry in India. In a fragmented market with subscription-based models and independent content sales, this movement is emerging as a secure way to unlock avenues for monetization.

“Our partnership with Hindustan Times highlights the growing opportunities in this market,” said Patrick Roger, vice president of new markets, AdsWizz. “Our technology combines the power of programmatic advertising with the power of podcasts, giving advertisers easy access to a very engaged audience. In addition, with our AI Using transcription technology, advertisers can ensure brand safety by only serving ads in shows or podcast episodes with specific topics as a central theme. Advertisers will be able to choose their geography, time, and demographics as content increases. What’s more exciting is the fact that one of the main reasons podcasts are gaining a foothold in Indian hearts is that the content is present in so many languages. Local advertising can also be activated through this platform.

It is estimated that the number of listeners will reach 170.6 million by 2023, and that the Indian music, radio and podcast market will double by 2023. The advent of programmatic advertising in podcasts opens up the door to more brand communication spending towards the format as the audience grows.

“This is an exciting time for us and a time to be proud of, bringing advertisers to the power of immersive media like podcasts,” said Ramesh Menon, CEO of Fever Network and Next Radio Ltd.

“HT Smartcast is paving the way for advertisers to increase efficiency and make a bigger impact on their advertising budgets with programmatic audio advertising that will be fast, targeted, data / analytics friendly and performance driven. Our goal now is to quickly expand this for the benefit of podcasters and advertisers and help them take advantage of a market that can solve the monetization problem facing the currently fragmented medium. Now we can focus on increasing the volume of new and engaging content and exploring the full potential of audio. “

Indian podcasts are available in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, and other vernaculars. This diversity increases engagement and promotes longer attention spans in podcasts. This learning is not only beneficial for advertisers but also for podcasters in India looking to create monetizable content.

Podcasting is an independent and fluid medium, but what it lacks is a unique promotional channel that can give a podcast publisher visibility and a monetary advantage. Understanding gender and response, demand for specific topics and gauge interest is a process of discovery that will be fueled by the use of this platform.

HT Media plans to be to podcasters what YouTube is to video creators. He believes there is a podcaster hidden in every Indian who has a story to tell. This helps them with their podcast content generation company HT Smartcast and partner companies like HubHopper. By virtue of its heritage, it enables another way to share the voice.

“Our effort since the inception of Hubhopper has always been to democratize the creation and consumption of podcasts and audio content, bringing together all aspects of a creator’s journey from hosting, creating, editing, distributing , data analytics, marketing, monetization and more under one roof. “Says Gautam Anand, Founder and CEO of HubHopper

“This recent integration with HT Media and Adswizz marks the inclusion of another integral and elusive piece of this puzzle by bringing programmatic advertising capability to anyone who chooses to create through hubhopper.”

The move invites audio content creators to join the movement and use the relationship to their advantage. Platforms with original content or hosting and distribution platforms can also enjoy benefits by adding to the large and diverse inventory.

What’s on the horizon for advertisers is the world’s largest podcast content repository featuring podcasts in Indian languages ​​and more. For podcasters, this is a good time to experiment with the content and bring out the niche and never talk about the content to capture the listener’s attention and find out for themselves what podcasting is.

About HT Media Ltd:

HT Media Ltd has been the voice of over 250 million Indians for 97 years. It has been at the forefront of creating clear, believable and winning content with its wide range of media portfolios in audio, print and digital formats.HT Smartcast is the podcast content company of HT Media Ltd. with over 180 podcasts and up, produced in over 40 genres and 5+ languages. It is a contemporary brand well positioned for the digital age. HT Smartcast podcasts are available on their website and on over 30 audio streaming platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, Wynk and many more. FabX, Fever Audio Business, Next Radio Ltd. and Fever Networks are part of HT Media’s audio portfolio.

About AdsWizz:

AdsWizz created the end-to-end technology platform that powers the digital audio advertising and podcast ecosystem. AdsWizz is the underlying monetization solution for well-known music platforms, podcasts and broadcast groups around the world. Through dynamic ad insertion, advanced programmatic platforms, and innovative audio formats, AdsWizz effectively connects buyers and sellers for digital audio and podcast advertising and delivers industry-leading podcast publishing and analysis through Simplecast . AdsWizz is owned by SiriusXM and is headquartered in San Mateo, California with a technology development center in Bucharest, Romania.

About HubHopper:

Hubhopper is India’s largest podcast hosting, creation and distribution company. We make podcasting easy by creating technology that makes it accessible to everyone across the country. Being a Forbes 30U30, Yourstory Tech30, Fortune 40 Under 40, BW Under 30, Hindustan Times holding company and having dominated the Google Play Store and Apple App Store nationwide, the Apps , software and the Hubhopper platform bring together millions of hours of content in more than 15 languages. Hubhopper works with over 50 partners on the content and distribution side, such as Spotify, Gaana, Wynk, Hungama, Amazon Prime Music, BBC, HT Media, Newslaundry, Samsung, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Indus OS and many more. ‘others. Hubhopper has spent the last few years championing the medium and today represents the backbone of an important part of the creative and consumer ecosystem across the country.