Houston, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The show’s host is Kim Porter. When asked how she came to name the show, Porter replied, “I like that name because where there is more prayer, there is more power. My late great-uncle, Reverend Charles McCoy, was a pastor in Dallas, Texas, and he often said, “Where there is no prayer, there is no power; where there is little prayer, there is little power, BUT where there is more prayer! there is MORE POWER!

The show was born out of her daily devotion to God. It has been Porter’s morning ritual to study the word of God for nearly 25 years. Studying the word every morning helps her present herself as a better person when dealing with others. Porter says, “The word reminds me to be patient, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and generous to others. The word reminds me that God grants me his grace and urges me to extend this same grace to others. When a family member was going through a difficult time, other family members and I started praying for her every morning at 7:20 a.m. every morning for 40 days. GOD ANSWERED before the 40 days were up! Every morning, I shared my Bible study with them, then I prayed. After the 40 days were up, a few of them suggested we go ahead and invite some friends. Several months later, I had the chance to share the Bible study on A Better Gospel. I serve by reminding others that God is always the answer.

More prayer More power airs Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. and again from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Ministers Kim to all the people of God, without targeting a specific type of person. But when people listen, they will know if she is their messenger. Listeners experience a Bible study that breaks down the word so they can apply it to their daily lives. They pray what the word has revealed during Bible study, so listeners can expect power to flow through their day. Porter believes we are all called to serve by pointing others to God. She believes that for every problem, God is the solution.

A Better Gospel Online Radio is already considered one of best gospel radio stations. The station is playing free black gospel music online 24/7. Both traditional gospel and contemporary gospel songs are played. the in line gospel radio is the brainchild of Kelci Hampton. Kelci is a promising black female entrepreneur. She studied communications at Sam Houston State University and completed her internship at iHeartRadio.

She DJs throughout the Greater Houston area and has launched two other online radio stations, 92Kelz.com and ABetterSkool.com. Tune in to 92Kelz for rap, hip-hop and urban sounds and A Better Skool for the best in R&B, Zydeco and Throwback.

You can listen to More Prayer More Power live at ABetterGospel.com or download the radio station app from iTunes or the App Store. Gospel for all the people – A better Gospel.

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