Henry Ford College’s (HFC) WHFR-FM (89.3 FM) – the College’s independent, non-commercial, student-run Internet radio and broadcast station – hosts its annual pledge campaign, Radiothon 2022, from Sunday, April 3 through Saturday, April 9, with a variety of special on-air events scheduled throughout the week.

The radio station’s FM signal had degraded to less than optimal status at times over the past two years. But this was fixed after an infrastructure upgrade.

“Thanks to the support of listeners, WHFR was recently able to initiate a project to upgrade the equipment needed to rebuild our transmitter site. A new antenna was installed on the WHFR tower which sent our FM broadcast signal solidly back on the air. We want to say “Welcome back!” said Susan McGraw, chair of HFC’s Communications and Media Department and chief executive of WHFR.

Founded in 1985, WHFR is committed to providing programming rarely heard on the Detroit Metro radio dial. With original musical styles from talented and creative artists and great local discussions, WHFR delivers unique and valuable content, according to McGraw.

##Bring back the sun

“For WHFR to continue to operate successfully, we need to ask for your support again. We make this request one week a year and we call it Radiothon,” McGraw said. “The theme for this year’s Radiothon is ‘Bringing sunshine to WHFR by helping to replenish our Rainy Day Fund.” Due to the necessary upgrade of our equipment, we had to deplete most of our rainy day fund. We urgently need to rebuild it, and we ask for your help to do so.

As a non-commercial, volunteer radio station, WHFR is not permitted to sell advertisements and must rely on HFC support and private donations to operate. Because WHFR receives no government funding, over 60% of its operating budget comes directly from donors like YOU!

##3 Ways to Donate to WHFR’s Rainy Day Fund

There are three easy ways to donate to radio during Radiothon 2022:

1). On Air: The on-air portion of Radiothon 2022 is April 3-9 when our live DJs will ask you to call (313) 845-9676 to make your tax-deductible credit card donation or to request a car. – addressed envelope to send to you directly. We have some fun WHFR incentive items you might enjoy including WHFR sunglasses, flip flops and an umbrella (rainy day connection…).

2). Online: You can donate securely online (https://foundation.hfcc.edu/whfr).

3). Mail: Complete and send the attached pledge form with your contribution at any time.

##Special Radiothon 2022 event live on April 7

Join us Thursday, April 7 from 8:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. at Trinity House in Livonia (38840 W. Six Mile Rd.) for a special benefit concert and live podcast recording featuring local musical Jo Serrapere and Friends.

Whether recreating old classic songs or performing original songs in his own deeply confessional and comedic styles, Serrapere’s music stands out, always reflecting his love of American roots music. His eclectic songwriting and performance fuse elements of various modern and traditional folk music, Delta and electric blues, roots rock, classical and alt-country, garage rock surf and swing.

WHFR COO John Bommarito, who hosts WHFR’s Acoustic Alternatives radio show, will record an episode of his Acoustic Alternatives podcast on stage in front of the live audience as part of this one-of-a-kind concert experience. He will have an in-depth conversation with Serrapere between some of his acoustic performances in the first half of the show. Then, Serrapère will play the second half with La Fawndas.

“It’s going to be a really unique show, which will benefit WHFR,” McGraw said. “Our listeners and donors play a vital role in the continued success of WHFR. We are committed to staying true to our mission with local, independent and eclectic programming for you. Thank you in advance for your help.”

Tickets for this concert will cost $20. For questions or more information about this concert, call 734-464-6302.

For questions or more information about Radiothon 2022, contact McGraw at 313-845-9842 or [email protected]

Source: Henry Ford College