Photo: Public Service Association Facebook.

Pierre Veschaffelt

Will Mathews: Health workers hoha on understatement

The Civil Service Association says an offer made to health care workers is close but not yet enough to prevent a strike.

The 10,000 Allied public health, scientific and technical workers voted to strike in May, after an earlier strike was called off due to the danger it posed to hospital services struggling to cope with the Omicron epidemic.

PSA organizer Will Mathews says there has been progress but there is not enough supply to meet the skyrocketing cost of living.

“No health worker wants to strike as a first option. These people care about their patients, care about their care first, but that should show how frustrated they are after two years of guiding this country through a global pandemic and hearing time and time again how much they are appreciated, but with measures to back up that talk,” he says.

Mr Mathews says if DHBs don’t have the money, it’s time for the Department of Health to come to the table with a revised offer to push negotiations down the line.

He says any strike will be conducted in a way that there is no threat to life, but major disruption to health services can be expected.