Anthony Maroon, whose career spans 32 years, stormed the airwaves on his show in Sydney on Sunday following jokes made by his colleagues

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Veteran presenter Anthony Maroon caused a stir after being enraged by his colleague’s jokes at his expense on Sydney radio station Triple M on Sunday afternoon.

The footage began as a seemingly playful joke between Fox Sports’ James Hooper and Maroon regarding escalating cash jobs. The 32-year-old veteran was clearly not happy as he became the butt of the joke.

After jokes were made about him failing to declare his bills to the Australian tax office while hosting sporting events across Sydney, Maroon warned Hooper and fellow panelist Paul Kent, of The Daily Telegraph and Fox Sports, and NRL legend Gorden Talis that the jokes weren’t going well. As they continued, Maroon finally broke down and began to reference Hooper’s rowdy driving record.

“I have no problem with the ATO, I’m glad about that, mate, but I’m just wondering when you’re going to hit the road again, Hoops?” Maroon said, going for the live jugular on the show’s listeners. Hooper responded by simply asking, “Why are you jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof?”

Maroon refused to back down and said he was ‘fed up with *** bulls’ and was ‘exploding’ because he was ‘sick to death’. He then hinted that Tallis failed to follow Covid rules during the Queensland lockdown and that Kent was often the last person to leave his local pub as he was ‘drinking until 3am’.

“Let’s carry on, boys…because when it comes to you three, I live a very boring life,” Maroon added. He claimed the trio had their own secrets that they wouldn’t want people to know.

Anthony Maroon stunned listeners when he took to the airwaves on Sunday after his colleagues cracked a string of jokes at his expense

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He then stormed out of the Sydney CBD studio and did not return, with Kent taking over as host for the remainder of the programme. 2GB morning host Ray Hadley has offered his thoughts on the sequence of events, calling out Triple M management at Southern Cross Austereo for not addressing the issue before it came to a head.

“To say it’s distressing is one word, embarrassing is another,” Hadley said. “I have some concerns about Anthony Maroon because he took to the airwaves and hasn’t been in touch with anyone since.

“The other people who played a role in this [Hooper, Kent and Tallis] need to examine themselves too… they owe him [Maroon] excuses.”

On Wednesday, Triple M released a statement confirming the matter was “internally handled.”

“On Sunday May 1st, on Triple M’s NRL show, the on-air team Anthony Maroon, Gordon Tallis, Paul Kent and James Hooper had a disagreement which resulted in Maroon quitting the show,” reads the press release. “SCA is handling the issue internally.”

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