A former Sheridan Media sports director among many other titles will have his name immortalized in Wyoming broadcasting history.

Tim Ray, who was Sheridan Media’s athletic director and radio host from 1980 to 1989, will be inducted into the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame at the WAB convention next June in Cody.

He also played on the radio for the Casper Rockies minor league baseball team, was athletic director for the Natrona County School District, and then became general manager of the Casper Ghosts, who later moved to Grand Junction. , Colorado.

He says that for those who are considering getting into the broadcasting industry, start with radio, before getting in front of a camera, because you can learn to read and later learn to speak without reading.

Tim ray

“I used to have fun watching young kids right out of school or whatever, put myself in front of the teleprompter on the TV and then all of a sudden the teleprompter didn’t work, or stopped and they gave up that stag. the lighthouse is looking towards the camera. They were frozen. They didn’t know how to get by and that’s because a lot of them didn’t have radio training it would teach you to be a bit improvised and think on your feet.

Tim Ray graduated from Indiana State University in 1979.

He attended the 1979 NCAA Men’s National Basketball Championship game between the ISU and Michigan State in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This match is important because it marked the first one-on-one meeting between basketball legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.