Recorded at Jacaranda FM Studios in Johannesburg, the new ten-part podcast ‘Don’t Hold Back – Say It Loud’ tackles mental health issues and the potential effects they can have on the young ‘Mzansi’ population, aged between 20 to 35 years old. Podcast presenter and health activist Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba hosts conversations with notable South African thought leaders, activists and influencers who share personal stories to inspire openness to tackle health stigma mental. The project, with the intention of bringing the best content relevant to African audiences by African creatives, was put together by Cai Nebe, Editor of DW English for Africa.

Claus Stäcker, DW Programs Director for Africa: “Kagiso Media (Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio), with its very successful and sophisticated media offerings, is an ideal partner for a digital partnership. As a long-time correspondent, South Africa has become a second home to me, so I’m especially excited to launch Africa’s first-ever joint podcast right here – in Mzansi, where the pulse is racing.”

Asumpta Lattus, Head of DW English for Africa: “Having Kagiso Media as a partner was no coincidence. It is a renowned media house in South Africa, they are close to our users and have a lot of knowledge and experience in podcasting. . This was confirmed during the conceptualization of the project and during the prototyping of the podcast. It is an incredible experience for which I am grateful. It has been a learning experience for me and my team working with the Kagiso Media – Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio teams. We are convinced that working with Kagiso as equal partners can only allow us both to succeed.”

Deirdre King, Managing Director of Jacaranda FM: “This international podcast collaboration is the first of its kind on African soil, and we are very honored to be Deutsche Welle’s production and distribution partner in Africa. It’s also very exciting to introduce young people to an audio companion, backed by data and produced with the utmost care. The data collected to produce the podcast really highlighted that young urban South Africans often feel isolated in their issues. “Don’t Hold Back – Say It Loud” was designed as an audio companion to help young people in Mzansi find their own path, but with stories and actionable advice they can put into practice each month.

Episodes one and two, which are 20-30 minutes long, are slated for release on July 6 and July 13, respectively. Episodes three through ten will air once a month, with the season finale airing in March 2023. The podcast will be available on Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio, Youtubeand on most other podcast and audio platforms.