Blessing us all with the most pleasant auras, Dj Marty McFly has created his own legacy within our community. Offering a glimpse into his remarkable life, the man of the moment leaves us all in awe of everything he has achieved in his career so far.

Introducing us to all the most melodic sounds, DJ Marty McFly (real name Martin Miller) embarked on a musical career like no other, while each of his releases is a clear indication of what he set out to achieve within the dance scene. Captivating audiences at every opportunity, his love for organic house and melodic techno is evident through each of his productions, while his unique style behind the decks ensures nothing less than the most positive vibes. Hailing from the UK, he was quick to trade the gloomy weather for that of sunny Ibiza, with the White Isle becoming his permanent home. Inspired by the most alluring musical natures, Dj Marty Mcfly is the epitome of an artist who has mastered his craft to the utmost perfection and in turn has blessed fans for the better part of over two decades now . Hosting his own show’Dream‘ on Ibiza Global Radio, listeners can be sure to embark on the most emotional journey, as it now offers a deeper variation of organic House infused with melodic House and Techno. As an artist who constantly leaves his mark on our community, we are thrilled to meet the man of the moment as he gives us insight into his remarkable career, his love for melodic sounds, his own radio show , his latest releases and more.

Hello and thank you for joining us! Could you give us a little insight into yourself and your career so far in the dance scene?

Good morning! Thank you for hosting me. Well, my musical journey started in 1992. I was at school and I heard my first real dance track, ‘T99‘ by Anastasia. From that moment I fell in love with Electronic music, started DJing on vinyl, playing mostly hardcore and jungle at first. From there my the love for dance music continued, I finally found my true calling in house music. I started playing at various events including Miss Moneypennys, Lust, Po Na Nas and all funky. After working on the UK circuit I continued to promote an event called awesome bunny across England in collaboration with Vibe-FM. During the sequel period, personal troubles got the better of me, and my passion for DJing fell by the wayside. My confidence and happiness were shaken and I needed a fresh start. So I sold my business and moved to my spiritual home in Ibiza in 2019. In 2021, I started working with World radio with my company, DiscoverIbiza. The station asked me to DJ for a live event called Wake up Ibiza. This show restored my love for music and revitalized my confidence to to return to at bridges. Then in December I started my brand new show’Dream‘ every Saturday at 6:00 p.m. CET. Why is it called Dream? Because it was once a dream, and now I play on the biggest dance station in the world in front of over 1.5 million listeners worldwide. I’m very grateful and I feel very lucky, it’s like II dream !