January 26—Funk fans, especially Daytonian funk fans, can now get their fill of insider musical knowledge almost anywhere.

“The Dayton Scene Radio Show” radio program is the brainchild of David R. Webb, Sr., founder and CEO of the Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center in Dayton. It officially began airing in November 2020 as a syndicated radio show in Toronto, Canada on “Jackie Vibes Radio”.

“Dayton is called the ‘Gem City’ (and) one of its greatest treasures is funk music,” Webb said. “The heart of this unique show is to ensure that future generations are exposed to this wonderful musical art form. At the same time, we highlight the ripple effect of funk and its influence on contemporary musicians.”

Today, broadcast nationally from its flagship station, 88.9 FM WCSU in Wilberforce, the two-hour radio show is heard in more than 30 markets. Locally, listeners can find the program at the following locations:

-Saturday evenings from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. on 88.9FM WCSU

-Sundays on WSWO/Oldies 97.3 from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. in Huber Heights

-Wednesday afternoons 4-6pm on 106.9FM WWSU/ Fairborn, Ohio

“In 2021, Webb added the talents of Trent Darby and Jasmine Summers to create a dynamic on-air trio,” according to a Funk Center statement.

Darby and Summers, also known as the “Super Soul Sister”, have combined radio careers spanning over 40 years. Darby’s segment titled “Sample It” dives deep into the history of funk music and connects the dots with contemporary artists and hip-hop artists.

The summer segment, “Black Exploitation Theater,” looks back at the history of black movies that many people in the African-American community grew up on and laughed at, Webb said.

“At the same time, we illuminate the stereotypes the mainstream media has created about African Americans in order to increase their profits,” Webb added.

“Other segments include ‘Billboard Magazine Trivia and Tidbits’ highlighting interesting facts about bands from decades past, ‘Live at Concert Series’ gives you a front row seat at some of the hottest funk gigs, “8-Track Flash Back” looks back at hit songs, TV shows, cartoons and movies of the 70s, The ‘Funk Chronicles Spotlight Artist’ Courtesy of Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center , and ‘Bell Bottoms & Roller Skates’, which brings back memories of spinning around the floor, showing off dancing skills and your hottest fashion,” the statement said.

The Dayton Scene radio show has its roots in 2012. Webb created a TV show and podcast called “The Funk Chronicles”, which sheds light on the history of funk music and its complex connection to Dayton.

Webb still produces “The Funk Chronicles”, which ultimately led to the birth of The Dayton Scene Radio Show and can be found on the official Funk Music Hall of Fame & Exhibition Center YouTube page.

“Musicians of the era wanted to share their stories and their connection to our city,” Webb said. “We cut during the interviews and had some great down-to-earth conversations…Listeners loved hearing the behind-the-scenes stories related to their favorite songs from the 60s and 70s.”

For more information, visit thefunkcenter.org.