The NFL announced Wednesday that it will appeal former federal judge Sue L. Robinson’s decision to suspend Deshaun Watson for six games and 92.3 The Fan’s The Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima said the decision of the NFL was driven by media reaction.

“My son woke up this morning – 2:00 a.m. – throwing up all over my bathroom. Not the worst thing I had to deal with today,” Carman said. nationals were very, very, very, very upset. There is no other way to say it.

“I should have known. I should have realized when shows like Forgive the interruption, when this stuff comes to light — I mean we’ve seen the national news have this for the past 24 hours — I should have known the NFL was going to give in to public perception,” Lima said. “They had a day and a half to sit down and marinate on what they needed to do. Guys, I hate to say it, but no one was backing you. No one had Deshaun Watson’s back and no one had the Browns’ back.

Carman then alluded to national media backlash that the suspension was too lenient as the reason the NFL decided to appeal the suspension.

“The problem is you have a sports league that cares what the media says, cares what everybody else thinks. They have Kyle Brandt, on their own network, tearing them up. One of the people that does part of their most honored club, Kurt Warner – Hall of Famer – says you have to set a new precedent here,” Ken Carman.

Doug Lesmerises, a writer for, joined the show to discuss the NFL’s decision. Lesmerises recently wrote a column pointing out that Robinson’s ruling underscores that Watson, in his view, is guilty of sexually assaulting the women questioned for the NFL disciplinary hearing, but he, too, hit back at comments he deemed unfair to fans of Browns.

“What do you think of some of the national pundits going after Browns fans at (training) camp?” Carman

“I hate it. It’s pompous. It’s so stupid,” Doug Lesmerises said. and the criminal justice system and everything that’s really at stake here, and you have enough energy, after blaming them, to go after Fans?”

Carman later added “if I were to go to camp and someone got an autograph, I’m supposed to look at 12-year-old Junior and say ‘do you feel good about yourself? You are a 12 year old kid. Good God, who the hell am I? Go on! I can be upset about Deshaun Watson, the Browns and all that. But I’m not going to blame the fans. I’m not gonna blame a kid for getting an autograph. It’s silly. It’s such a depressing thing.

“It’s just part of the lowest common denominator that we do in media,” Carman said. “Of all things, come on. There’s a guy there training and the fans are going to support him.