Ellen Kachinske

Cumulus Media announces that it has promoted five radio programming professionals to its group of Providence, RI radio stations. Cumulus has elevated Mary Ellen Kachinske to Director of Music Programming for WWLI-FM (Lite 105), WPRO-FM (92PRO-FM) and WWKX-FM (Hot 106). Kachinske is stepping down from her former position as COO/Program Director of WWLI-FM/Lite 105.

Nick Giuliano

Cumulus has also promoted Nick Giuliano to Deputy Director of Programs at WPRO-FM. He will continue in his previous roles as on-air host, Afternoon Drive on WWKX-FM and as Assistant Program Manager/Music Director for WWKX-FM.

Jess Schiano

Jess Schiano becomes musical director of WPRO-FM. She was previously a live host, Middays, on WPRO-FM and is now transitioning to Afternoon Drive hosting duties on the station.

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J Buff

Also promoted at WPRO-FM is J Buff, who was named On-Air Host, Middays, on WPRO-FM. J Buff will continue to produce the Giovanni and Kim show on WPRO-FM.

Heather Gersten

At sister station WWLI-FM, Heather Gersten has been promoted to Music Director, in addition to her current roles as On-Air Co-Host, WWLI, and Assistant Program Director for WWLI-FM.

Holly Paras, Vice President/Market Director, Cumulus Providence, said, “When Mary Ellen Kachinske arrived in Providence in 2020, WWLI immediately benefited from her many years of broadcasting in larger markets. Raising her to a position where she can oversee music programming for the entire cluster will allow all stations to capitalize on her successes. Additionally, the team of people working with Mary Ellen will provide the support needed to succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

Paras added, “I am thrilled that the Cumulus Providence cluster benefits from the combined dedication and commitment of so many talented broadcasters. We are well placed to face what the future holds. »

Cumulus Media owns and operates five radio stations in Providence, including: WPRO-AM/WEAN-FM (News/Talk); WPRV-AM/AM 790 Talk & Business (news/talk); WPRO-FM/92PRO-FM (CHR); WWKX-FM/Hot 106 (rhythm CHR); and WWLI-FM/Lite 105 (CA).