A punk fan is doing God’s work this week, calling for a conservative radio show and introducing as many punk band names as possible into a conversation with the hosts. Illustrator Rob Dobi – using Bill’s name – called up WSMN’s Life With Liz this week, planning to “name as many punk bands as possible before they make their voices heard.”

“One of my main issues is… I’m a Republican in a pretty liberal area, sometimes I just feel like everyone is right against me!” Dobi began, speaking to host Liz Gabert. “I feel like what we need to do is listen to what our Descendants have told us. Because in the past we have refused to live a life of agony. I am fed up with everything. I’m sick of people thinking we’re just a minor threat. Enough of this Fugazi. A lot of these people just have Bad Brains, which are Misfits who give up Black Flag and they’re pretty much Anti-Flag. I think we need to converge and help the young people of today because every time you blink, 182 children disappear… ”

And… the hosts don’t notice it. After a brief back and forth, Dobi said, “I’m going to let you go, I’m going to go, I’m going to catch some Reel Big Fish.”

“Are you going to eat this really big fish for your Thanksgiving meal?” Gabert asks.

“Well, not if it tastes rancid,” Dobi replies.

Incredible. Talk about becoming Punk. Watch the entire video below.