My association with the WCCO radio station goes back a long way. It all started in 1949, when I was seven years old, listening 160 miles away in the town of Tracy, Minnesota to Golden Gopher Saturday afternoon football games. And a few years later, I was listening to the Minneapolis Laker games as they won NBA title after NBA title. And I would get my national and world news on the station, as well as growing up with station personalities who were well known in the state.

Over the years I’ve had WCCO on my radio while stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas. I listened to Boone and Erickson, and later Dave Lee, in Illinois and Kentucky as I drove to Florida for spring training. Once, on a stormy, rainy night in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, I somehow got this clear channel signal from a Twins game while negotiating the twists and turns of the road on the way to New York. And I could get that signal all the way through Wisconsin when traveling east.