I saw a plethora of names thrown out as to who the EDM community believed was the true identity of the last Dark Lord. Roulette is. Oh it’s definitely x, or someone told me it’s y, no you can drop it it’s z. Well, the time has come. Not only did Caster release his second EP ”Sinner’s SanctuaryBut the veil of secrecy behind his identity has also been dropped. Camp Caster has spoken. Here’s what they said:

After nearly a year and a half of countless guesses and fan speculation, Caster’s identity has finally been revealed, alongside the debut of his second EP. Released on Subsidia Records.

On first listen, most expected Caster to be a seasoned producer with many years in the industry. Probably a secret pseudonym of a well-known artist. Some have even speculated that it could have been a side project of Seven Lions or even Kill The Noise.

But now that the veil is lifted, we find a young Paul Szeligowski of 21, native of Poland and former member of the melodic dubstep group “Abandoned”.

In interviews, Paul said he has nearly a decade of production experience under his belt. It wasn’t a lie. At the age of 11, he was captivated by the “FL Studios” of his drum teacher. He returned home to download it and plunged headfirst into the world of music production. Now that he has reached the start of his young adulthood, the future is so firmly within his grasp.

The question that remains is how the Caster project came about. This story is one formed by a simple act of faith.

After struggling to feel creatively smothered, Paul made the very difficult and terrifying decision to part ways with “Abandoned” and create a new alias from scratch.
He felt that sticking to a niche sound and style hampered his creative potential. So he started to experiment with many different styles and directions.
He knew he was going to need help on this new trip, so he contacted his friend Abe Nour aka Ra.
Ra was also a melodic dubstep producer and DJ who was on his own path and his own growth in music.
Abe didn’t have the same years of music experience as Paul, but although his production skills had a lot more room to develop, he was already ahead of the game when it comes to branding and networking. . Paul knew that Abe was the right person to ask for help.

In the beginning, Abe helped whenever he could by giving him ideas and feedback to help define Paul’s vision for the brand. But one day Paul sent Abe a song called simply “Witchcraft”. It was a track that transported you to a dark realm of horror, while also presenting a great story. After just one listen, Abe immediately knew without a doubt that Paul had unblocked his sound. Over the next several months, Paul continued to present Abe with innovative tracks that were so far ahead of the curve. It reached a point where Abe realized that Paul deserved much more attention and had the potential to be one of the greatest artists in electronic music. He decided to put his own art on the back burner and manage Paul. By giving him the name of Caster. From that day on, Paul and Abe have devoted everything to the rise of Caster. Paul was the music and Abe was the brand.
Every melody, bass, glitch, and insane sound design was masterfully created by Paul’s vast production knowledge.
While every track name, logo, art direction, and album cover have all been taken from Abe’s creative vision and branding experience.

And here we are today barely a year and a half after the start of the project, and Caster has achieved more than anyone could have imagined so early in his debut. During this time, Paul and Abe never met in person. Paul resides in London while Abe is based in Atlanta and works to bring Paul to the United States.

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Today, the project takes another important step with the release of “Sinner’s Sanctum EP”. Out on the subsidies

This will be the second EP of the project with collaborations with Mantis, Freaky, The Arcturians and Diandra Faye.
This cohesively designed piece of art takes you on a journey through the aggressive side of The Caster Project.

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