Who is Caster?

12 months ago, a mysterious producer apparently emerged from the shadows. Sigiled by the sacrificial goat, his strange but haunting images piqued the curiosity of many who met him. Glimpses of witchcraft and witchcraft captivate audiences with wonder.

His first single “The Summoning” on the New Dawn Collective label surprised listeners with his brutal approach to Dubstep. Mixing the elements of horror and orchestra with bass music left the listener eager for more.

With each single, he adopted a different genre while keeping his horror sound cohesive. Dubstep, trance, drum & bass, melodic, midtempo and even witch trap. The more he relaxed, the more it became clear that he was not a simple amateur. But it also prevented us from discovering his true identity. In addition to his undeniable level of production, there seemed to be an underlying story attached to his music. A story told through the sleeves. Each with its own chapter. Where does this story lead? We’ll have to stick around to find out.

After releasing a track almost every month since his debut, Caster has finally struck up a collaboration with his friend and inspiration, Swarm. The two horror-themed artists caused utter chaos with their track “Blood”. And if that wasn’t enough, he surprised us even more by revealing a track from Ophelia Record’s new annual compilation “Advent”. Her track “Chimera” was a fan favorite that impressed even her fellow artists on the compilation. And impressed Seven Lions himself, which Caster says is his biggest inspiration. But when he revealed his collaboration with Code: Pandorum for their bootleg version of Bring Me The Horizon’s single “Parasite Eve”, it was a very special moment for him as Code was the main inspiration for Caster’s heavier side.

After 2 months without Caster releasing music and Couch Lands night, Excision shocks the public by revealing his new label “Subsidia” ”. And among the 100+ artists who launched the label with one release, is none other than Caster. Caster releases his heartbreaking track “The Lunar Ritual”. As the electronic world watches Excision drop Caster’s trail, its epic future is foreshadowed.

Here we are now on the occasion of the first anniversary of the launch of Caster, as he releases his first 4 track EP “Black Sands” on the label of his greatest inspiration Seven Lions. When asked what influenced the direction of the EP, Caster said he was inspired by the more experimental Seven Lions tracks “Summer Of The Occult” and “Isis”. If Caster was able to accomplish so much in just a year, and during the struggles of a pandemic, then it’s unclear how far he is close to reaching.

His identity will remain a bit of a secret, but for now we just need to focus on his art. And that’s exactly what he wants.

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