So let Joe set the record straight.

Bucco Bruce Arians remained silent after national reports from big media names – Peter King, Colin Cowherd, Seth Wickersham, Albert Breer and Adam Schefter – about Tom Brady’s retirement, in part because he was unaware Arians coaching methods and front office capacity to retain talent in 2022.

Instead, Arians hits out today after a relatively unknown former NFL player-turned-sports-radio player, Rich Ohrnberger of San Diego, spat similar snaps in a bit more detail yesterday.

Rams say it Tampa Bay Weather it’s all just a bunch of nonsense.

“There seems to be a (story) every day now,” Arians said. “Everyone speculates he’s going somewhere else. That does not bother me. These other bulls -, the relationship, it’s so far-fetched. ”

Ohrnberger made it clear on his radio show that he got his information “by talking to a guy who’s pretty much integrated into the Bucs.” (The former Patriots, Chargers and Cardinals guard was a college teammate, roommate and classmate of Bucs assistant coach and 2020 center AQ Shipley.)

Bucs fans can catch up via the links above, although the Times is a paying site.

The Arians seemed particularly disturbed by details he felt didn’t match, such as him using a red writing instrument to nix plays in the weekly game plans drawn up by Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Interestingly, the Times report claims Arians were “advised” not to respond to all the gossip Brady soured on Arians, but the head coach couldn’t stand it any longer.

Joe would advise Arians never to listen to those who advise him to sit down and to tolerate direct and deceptive attacks on his reputation.

And maybe next time he could ask his good retired friend (?) Brady to set the record straight with a short phrase on one of his social media accounts.

Enjoy today’s Ira Kaufman podcast.