INSIDE: COP26 is a daily show from Brian Eno’s new organization EarthPercent, an organization tackling the climate emergency through the music industry.

The radio show will be broadcast daily via Clyde Built Radio from midday, straight from the heart of the Glasgow climate summit, COP26. The annual event takes place this year from October 31 to November 12 with talks to discuss the impact of climate change and prevention.

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The show is expected to feature key insiders from the COP26 summit, as well as leading figures in the music industry and musicians making an impact in bringing about the climate crisis across the world.

With more than 30 international speakers, including politicians, musicians, scientists and activists, the daily show will feature talks, music, climate interviewees and independent broadcasters.

On the back of EarthPercent launched in April by Brian Eno, a charity with initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the music industry, the show will also see Eno take part in conversations with daily sound bites while by offering DJ selections.

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The lineup currently includes guests from Hot Chip, Matt Black, Cosmo Sheldrake, Love Ssega, as well as 10 musical segments and an “Indigenous Voices” section where hosts will speak to Indigenous activists.

The show is set to be hosted and broadcast via Clyde Built Radio, a new station broadcasting DJ sets from local and upcoming talent direct from Glasgow’s East End.

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Glasgow’s ongoing efforts to reduce the city’s – and the world’s – carbon footprint were again highlighted recently with the launch of SWG3, a Glasgow nightclub using dancers’ body heat to power the venue’s electricity.

With the aim of achieving net zero, SWG3 will channel “the combined energy of the punters into twelve 150m deep boreholes drilled beneath the site”, thereby powering the site.

Listen to EarthPercent and Clyde Built Radio’s daily broadcast from COP26 after October 31 here.

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