Clearly looking to the future, Bob Saget’s latest tweet concluded, “I’m addicted to this shit again. ** Check out for my dates in 2022,” (via Twitter). The comedy legend had performed in Orlando on January 7 at Hard Rock Live and January 8 at Ponte Vedra Beach Concert Hall. It was then scheduled for Jan. 28 at the Palm Beach Improv in West Palm Beach, Fla., According to his website. Ticketmaster had also listed dates for the comedy’s performance across the United States in the spring and summer of 2022, with locations such as Hawaii, Massachusetts and several nights in Texas.

The tour of the Southern States was one of Saget’s favorites and a region of the United States he had visited on several occasions. Sharing in an interview, he describes the experience, “I’ve always played The South. The people at Bible Belt love me. They love my dirtiest stuff more than anything else, and there’s always a mix. in my work, but it’s not as blue as half the people you watch these days “(via With reference to politics and humor, he specifies: “So the South is no different from the others. You talk to people as if they are people. “

Saget’s opening act on his last night was fellow stand-up artist Tim Wilkins, who describes himself as a “20-year veteran stand-up comedian, television and radio personality, public speaker and writer ‘(via Tim wilkins). Industry veterans and the public alike have benefited from Saget’s experience and modern spirit.