Behind the scenes of the Seahawks media and influencer mix

On Tuesday, for the third time, the Seahawks invited local and national media members and influencers to VMAC to participate in the Media & Influencer Combine. With NFL Draft Combine coverage just weeks away, various reporters, writers and radio hosts have now had their own chance to perform drills like the 40-yard dash, long jump and receiving glove.

One such writer was Sports Illustrated’s Corbin Smith, who wrote about his experience on Thursday. For Smith, who claims to be entering his “senior years as an athlete at the age of 33,” it was a reminder of why NFL athletes are on a different level than most people. .

The first event Smith did was the long jump, and according to him, it didn’t go so well. “As I swung my arms violently hoping to squeeze a few more inches into the air, gravity won as expected,” he said. “All 235 pounds crashed to the turf like a bowling ball sliding off a kitchen table after a disappointing 89-inch jump. To put it into perspective, only 20 players since 2000 at the NFL combine have produced a shorter jump and only two of those players weighed less than 300 pounds.”