COVID-19 continues to cancel or postpone college basketball games, and an Arizona state basketball announcer has apparently had enough of social media posts from fans and media members of the rival of his team in the state.

Former ASU basketball player Kyler Dodd, analyst for the Sun Devil basketball radio shows, called out Arizona Wildcats basketball fans and members of the media on Twitter for recent posts in the midst of the pandemic.

“According to Uofa fans / media, every game that’s canceled is because Pac is afraid to play it !!” he tweeted recently. “Someone wants to tell them that the teams affected by the Covid [sic] would literally play anyone anywhere at this point. Coaches / players don’t want that… we know you’re okay again, but we’ve got a clue “

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He also tweeted a member of the media in response to UCLA planning a game against Long Beach State instead of Arizona: “Dude, that’s not about you !!!! ‘escape the virus’

Dodd was not finished.

He also criticized comments on a thread about the postponement of his game against Arizona by the State of Arizona due to COVID-19 issues in his schedule.

“The damn is right, but the comments are a joke !!!” Dodd tweeted. “I promise no one is afraid LOL… Life is wild right now… just remember those student-athletes never signed up for this… the schools and the league are doing their best.”

Another tweet from Dodd tried to remind people of the gravity of the situation.

“The men are crazy again … just remember these coaches are doing their best and these kids are student athletes … GO TO THE DEVILS”

Some of Dodd’s responses exposed his thoughts:

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on college basketball and frustration is mounting.

Frustration appears to be mounting around college basketball with the current situation amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Monday, the ASU’s men’s basketball program has announced that its games against UCLA and Arizona are scheduled for this week. have been postponed due to COVID-19 issues in its schedule.

The Sun Devils were scheduled to play UCLA on Wednesday and Arizona on Saturday and have now had five games canceled or postponed.

Arizona have now postponed three games due to COVID-10 protocols with other Pac-12 teams and are not expected to replay until Jan. 13 (Colorado).

ASU is scheduled to play Utah on the same day.

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