AEW star Anthony Bowens joined Busted Open Radio to talk about his run with Max Caster as The Acclaimed tag team. Bowens confirmed the story that Tony Khan signed with Caster after coming up with the idea for a team called The Acclaimed for a while. Bowens recalled how excited Khan was to team up with him and Caster, and explained how well he and Caster played each other.

“I think Tony putting Caster and I together was a godsend,” Bowens said. “I think we bring out the best in each other, we feed off each other’s energy and our dynamics. It’s kind of like my YouTube channel where my boyfriend is the craziest and wackiest and I’m almost the straight man in the comedy group. I think it’s a similar dynamic where we just go there and feed off the crowds when we got a chance to be in Double or Nothing last week or two weeks ago. And here we go, we are ourselves every time we are in front of the camera. And I think people are starting to see it now, and I think people are starting to connect with it. “

Prior to The Acclaimed’s formation, Bowens almost joined AEW as part of another tag team. He revealed to Busted Open that he had to be part of the Search for Spears competition to potentially team up with Shawn Spears in March 2020. The pandemic ultimately ended that story, although Bowens believes it ultimately worked.

“Usually I tend to stay very positive about things,” Bowens said. “But there was a moment last year in 2020, actually it was right before COVID hit. From what I understand, I was supposed to be a part of the Blood & Guts show in Newark last year. I promoted the Search for Spears contest and ended up in the top three. So I say to myself “this is finally going to be my chance to do at least something to show the world that I belong to a national platform”. I found out that I had booked for the show and then thirty minutes later all of the shows were canceled.

“I understand that much more important things are happening in the world and that people are suffering. I knew I couldn’t let it get to me, I just had to keep huffing. And obviously it paid off because at the end of the year Max and I were in the Dynamite Main Event for the title. So that’s pretty crazy.

Bowens was then asked if he had given Caster any input regarding Caster’s popular pre-game raps. Although Bowens has stated that he gives Caster suggestions, at the end of the day what you see is mostly his partner’s brainchild.

“Max is the music guy,” Bowens said. “I can’t take credit for anything. At the most, what I’ll do is he’ll say “hey, what camera did I hit today?” And I’ll think ‘you can do this, this and that. Go take it at your leisure and see what you can find. At the most, I’ll give him things like bullets that he can maybe touch. And he’s so creative that he finds these funny bars that he offers, and the next thing you know, people are rolling on the floor laughing. Or in shock.

“He (Tony Khan) pretty much lets us go out and be creative. And that’s, I guess, the most rewarding part of this journey through our ascension. Obviously, AEW puts us in a position to be successful, but it really is a sink or swim environment. But we have, I think, the best rescuers to make sure we don’t drown. And the fact that we connect with people just by doing things that we thought or thought were funny or “hey let’s try this tonight”. They allow us to go out and do it. It’s quite rewarding, especially when you get the result you want.

The Acclaimed’s most publicized game to date was an AEW World Tag Team game against the Young Bucks in December. With The Acclaimed again ranked in the top two of AEW’s tag team standings, Bowens is thrilled with a rematch with the Bucks. Regardless of that, he also said that there is still more to come in terms of The Acclaimed in the future.

“We’re excited for the second round,” Bowens said. “And I think the most exciting part of The Acclaimed is you ain’t seen nothing yet. People like to think we’re characters or we’re a gadget and things and we’re not. Max is a professional wrestler who also happens to be a really good rapper. If he wasn’t wrestling he would rap, that’s his life’s work. To me, I’m a critically acclaimed professional sports artist / wrestler.

“Actually, you haven’t even seen a lot of my, I use the word character development loosely because obviously it was pretty heavy in rap. But once we get more TV time, we have Rampage coming in August, the more opportunities we have to speak, you will see a more complete, well-rounded Acclaimed sort of thing. Even more comprehensive than we currently are. There is so much more room for growth, so many ideas that we have had that haven’t had a chance to come to fruition yet. So there are a lot more fun things to come and I’m excited.

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