We have often seen Radio Jockeys interviewing various celebrities. However, finding a soul mate during one of these interviews is very rare, isn’t it? Well, the beautiful actress Amrita Rao had found her forever in one of those interviews with RJ Anmol. The duo had decided to tie the knot after dating for over seven years and enjoying marital bliss for the past five years.

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol had kept their relationship a secret, and few people know their romance. Their fans often express their disappointment because of this. However, the duo put an end to their fans’ complaints by coming up with a series of episodes featuring their romance and naming it. Couple of things. And, now we have some details on how the Radio Jockey impressed our Bollywood diva in a filmic way.

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A few moments ago, RJ Anmol took advantage of his Instagram account to share episode 4 of his love story with Amrita Rao. In the video, the duo described how Amrita texted him when he was on air and told him she was listening to his show. He told her to be there another five minutes and played her favorite song, Chandni Raat Mein, of the film, Dil-e-Naadan. Along with that, he proposed to her on air and said he dedicated this song to his “special someone”. He further added that if it is a yes from him, then he will wait for a call from him.

Episode 1 of Couple of things had presented the beginning of the love story of Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol. In 2008, Amrita went to her show to promote one of her films. On the other hand, Anmol was super excited to interview her. He didn’t know that his life was going to change completely after this meeting. Sharing the video on their IG grips, the couple captioned it as follows:

” COUPLE of things | Ep. 01 “Pehli Mulaqat” The first meeting of every love story is magic! Everything is not planned but so perfect … Here we share the “Pehli Mulaqat” from OUR LOVE STORY 🙂 December 2008 and then this first interview in 2009 which changed a “COUPLE of things for us”.

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In episode 2 of Couple of things, RJ Anmol had shared that like all the other boys he also had a crush on Amrita Rao. However, when Anmol asked her when he first made a strong impression on her, she had fallen into the past. The duo took their fans to the Regal Cinema in Mumbai and explained how the film, Jewelry thief had played the role of a Cupid in their love story. It was then that Amrita first saw him as he addressed the audience after the film ended.

In episode 3 of Couple of things, RJ Anmol and Amrita Rao had spoken of their first meeting in front of his radio station. The video also showed the importance of the Honda town of Anmol in their love story and how Amrita had her feet on the ground to never hesitate to drive in a cheaper car. They had also recreated the beautiful memories they had made in the car. The caption of the video could read as:

” CAR was a very important part of our “PYAAR” – Ep. 03 | COUPLE of things we are going to relive our love affair with you in the same car …. Come drop in Pyaar. ”

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For the inexperienced, after enjoying their married life for 4 years, Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol welcomed their son, Veer in 2020.