Many producers in the electronic scene strive to have their own label. For the Belgian, it is a goal already achieved. Now, in addition to leading Lenske, Amelie Lens will present his world EXHALE radio show in April. It will be a weekly show with a one-hour segment.

The Belgian DJ and producer is the symbol of the techno renaissance of the mainstream scene. She is the headliner of major festivals and venues such as alarm clocks and Nitsa Club. This in addition to having organized events under EXHALE has made her one of the key figures in global techno.

Amélie Lens Show EXHALE

Currently we are featured on the new weekly global radio show. The hour-long segment will be led by the Belgian techno star. Inside, it will consist of handpicked tracks, selected and mixed by Amélie each week for her listeners.

I am very happy to host my own radio show and have the opportunity to share my favorite music with you every week. Especially in these times when traveling/touring isn’t so easy, I’m even happier to be able to reach you anywhere in the world with my music.

Amelie Lens

Finally, the show will be syndicated to stations around the world. partners include Sirius XM (US, Canada), Radio FG (France), Future Generation (Turkey) and more, airing from next week. The episodes will be available every Monday at 11am CET on the new free streaming platform Keakie.