reportedly working on a live audio app that appears to allow anyone to DJ their own radio show, including music. Project Mic, as the app is currently known, will initially focus on the US market, although the launch timeline is unclear.

Creators will be able to play songs from the vast library, according to . Along with music, it looks like the lineup will include pop culture, sports, and comedy. Amazon is reportedly considering bringing in celebrities and influencers to host shows. You’ll be able to search for shows by name, topic, or music, and it looks like Amazon will highlight live content, including trending topics and some creators.

The presentation showed that in addition to the app, creators will be able to stream shows to Amazon Music, Audible and Alexa devices. With the latter, listeners would be able to interact with the broadcasts, even from their cars.

The report doesn’t mention whether listeners will need to be subscribed to Amazon Music, but given the breadth of platforms the shows will be available on, that seems unlikely. Engadget has contacted Amazon for more details.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Amazon working on such an app. Axes this summer, but this latest report provides more details on what Project Mic involves.

,,, and have all joined the live audio space over the past year or so after Clubhouse exploded in popularity. However, these apps tend to focus on live conversations rather than songs.

Spotify has a morning show called that mixes chat and custom music, and it looks like the competitor most likely to offer similar functionality to what Amazon has in mind. Elsewhere, Clubhouse recently launched a high quality audio option for better live concerts.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Engadget.