Attorney Norm Pattis took time off from his weekday 12-2 p.m. show on Connoisseur Media news/WICC talk Bridgeport, CT (600) to represent Alex Jones in his recent defamation lawsuit, which ended in conspiracy theorist’s order to pay $965 million to Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims’ relatives and an FBI agent. Jones has for years falsely claimed the murderous shooting was a hoax and was staged by actors.

Now that the trial is over, Pattis says station management canceled his show after he allegedly wouldn’t agree to limit what he could say about the trial live.

“They wanted to talk about the limits of what I could and couldn’t say about Alex Jones,” Pattis said. The day. “I don’t believe in prior restraint. So, I said in case we can’t agree, we should have a backup. And they called and said, “We love you. Let’s talk after the first of the year. We are not made for controversy. Well, if a radio station isn’t built for controversy, what good is it? I was cancelled.

Pattis says he was contacted by a producer on Friday morning (October 14), ahead of his scheduled return to the station later that day. “Based on listener feedback so far on what happened this week, we just want to agree on some parameters before going on air,” reads a text message, according to Pattis. “We would like to discuss first.”

In a subsequent phone call, the producer said the station expected Pattis to speak about the lawsuit, which Pattis confirmed, adding that he planned to respond to what he claimed was a “miscarriage of justice “. Pattis says the anonymous producer explained that’s what the station wanted to talk to him about. Pattis suggested that the station should arrange for a replacement host as they could not agree on the matter.

The producer then texted Pattis and said that after meeting with others, WICC had decided to put his comeback on hold and promised to revisit the matter after the new year.

“We believe that given the sensitive nature of the matter and the volume of comments we have received, it is best to wait. We’re not really built to handle controversy – that’s not our expertise, especially given Sandy Hook’s upcoming 10-year anniversary in December,” the text read in part. “Why not come back at the beginning of the new year? We are big fans of yours and would like to fix the issue once everything is sorted out.

While not speaking directly to Pattis’ show, VP/Head of Market Kristen Okesson released a statement to The Day that read, “Now that the Alex Jones matter has been handled by the justice system and given Sandy Hook’s upcoming 10-year anniversary, we want to be an agent of healing, not heartbreak. Our listeners are hurting and it’s important for us to focus on promoting positivity and helping them rebuild.