It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: it’s time for AEW Dark.

Taz and Excalibur commented on the show without Anthony Ogogo – a likely victim due to his role in the attack on Cody Rhodes and the Nightmare Family last Wednesday.

Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno and Alex Reynolds) defeated Jake St. Patrick, Sage Scott and Chandler Hopkins (3:00)

Reynolds took the win with the little package driver over Hopkins, placing the Dark Order at around 846-0 in these multi-man jobber matches on Dark this year.

Team Taz (Ricky Starks, Brian Cage & Powerhouse Hobbs) (with Hook) defeated Brick Aldridge, Justin Law & Hayden Backlund

This week Cage started for Team Taz and outscored both Law and Aldridge. Cage tagged Hobbs without incident which destroyed Aldridge with a spinebuster. Starks intercepted a tag intended for Cage and found himself in trouble for a minute against Backlund. It looks like they could shift the story from a disagreement between members of Team Taz in general to a more specific issue between Cage and Starks. Starks grabbed Backlund coming out of the third string and turned him into Roshambeaux. He then tagged Cage who finished Backlund with the Drill Claw.

Team Taz is around 98-0 in these multi-man jobber matches on Dark this year.

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy) (with Marko Stunt) defeated Rex Lawless and Dean Alexander (1:41)

Jurassic Express has a big game with Bear Country tomorrow night on Dynamite, which is why they’re featured here. Lawless was a good match for Luchasaurus in what JR might call a slobberknocker. But, the match was not very long. Luchasaurus kicked Lawless and Jungle Boy flew with an elbow in the back of the head to claim the victory.

Ryan Nemeth (with JD Drake) defeated Fuego del Sol (6:06)

Earlier in the series, Nemeth and Cezar Bononi disagreed that Nemeth was recruiting Drake as his second “winger”. Drake arrived and hilarity ensued.

Griff Garrison and Marko Stunt briefly dated del Sol as part of the Vlog Crew. Is this another stable formation? Jurassic Blondes? Excalibur took a moment to greet the Spanish AEW announcements team which calls out Dark, Dark: Elevation and Dynamite every week. That’s a 40 hour work week!

Either way, del Sol came off the ropes with a springboard but Nemeth caught him with a dropkick, finishing del Sol with a hangman’s neckbreaker.

The Butcher (with Private Party, Blade and Bunny) defeated John Cruz (0:40)

There is absolutely no need for the Butcher to fight again after struggling on Elevation last night. He hit the filet mignon (a suplex back in a uranage) for the win. What’s the point of a 40-second match?

Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) defeated Vertvixen & Jazmine Allure (4:31)

The Stars teamed up with Vertvixen on Dark last week in a losing effort. Vox and Exo are sisters although they have different last names. I guess it happens. Vertvixen got a michinoku pilot on Exo for a near drop. But it was the Stars who avenged last week’s loss to their ex-partner after Exo hit her with a blaster and Vox came out of the top with an assist to the victory. It was an impressive start in the AEW team for both.

Max Caster raps

Ahead of their Wednesday game, Caster destroy Hangman Page with a rap that is absolutely the go-to segment of this show, at night and maybe for the whole week of WrestleMania. While mocking Page with phrases like “You don’t have true friends, still have your feelings,” he destroyed a toy horse from a child’s carousel with a steel chair. This kid is the money.

Red Velvet and KiLynn King (with Big Swole) defeated Madi Wrenkowski and Vipress (5:30)

King and Velvet looked great as a team. King hit the Kingdom Falls on Vipress and Velvet followed up with the Chief’s Kiss to secure the victory. In terms of size, King would be an impressive clash for Jade Cargill on the road. I suspect this is the reason she gets wins for becoming a threat.

JD Drake (with Ryan Nemeth) defeated Baron Black (5:16)

Speaking of getting wins to help him become a threat, Drake picked up a win here ahead of his TNT title match with Darby Allin on Wednesday.

A Vader bomb should have finished Black but she only got two. It occurred to me that the only difference between “Baby Bull” Leon White and Vader was a smoke-breathing mask and Drake looks like “Baby Bull”. Maybe someone should be looking for a cool mask for Drake.

Black returned to make it a competitive match, slashing Drake’s chest open with hard chops – a curious way to build a guy with a win for a TNT title match. Drake won with a flying boot, like a Claymore kick. But since Drake is not from Scotland and North Carolina, call him the Tar Heel since the heel is part of the foot! Tar Heel for the win.

Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss beat KC Navarao & Aaron Frye (2:52)

Janela and Kiss came off the middle and top ropes with a series of splashes on Frye. Navarro ran in and was destroyed along with a driver from Janela’s Death Valley. Like, right on his head. Kiss hit Frye and Janela came off the top with her elbow for the win. Janela calls this elbow “Greetings from Asbury Park” as a tribute to her compatriot from New Jersey, Bam Bam Bigelow.

Matt Sydal (with Mike Sydal) defeated Mike Magnum (0:43)

Sydal hit the lightning spiral for the win. Excalibur sprang from the speed of victory, but it wasn’t even the shortest game on this show and Britt Baker’s victory on Monday night was also much shorter (and more impressive because it’s Britt).

Matt Hardy (with Hardy Family Office) defeated Vary Morales (2:06)

These two guys wrestled on Elevation last night and there’s really no reason for the guys to work both shows night in a row. Allin was shown watching the game from the rafters. The leech (a double-hook choke with body scissors) that Hardy debuted last night on Elevation got him the win here as well. Getting work done in Hardy tonight and in Nakazawa last night is a tough week for Morales.

After the match, Hardy cut a promo on Allin (still in the rafters). Hardy called Allin a sold out and promised to win the TNT title.

Bear Country defeats The Hybrid2 (7:24)

Bear Country has a big game tomorrow night against Jurassic Express that has something to do with the Godzilla vs. Kong movie on HBO Max this month.

Bear Boulder threw Jack Evans to the ground with a necktie and elbow tie. Evans returned with a dropkick, but charged into a boot and was destroyed by Bear Country. Evans used an eye rake to escape a powerlam attempt and gave the tag to Angelico, who instead fell victim to powerlam. Bear Bronson got the tag and Evans kicked it off the third string. Bronson came back with a suplex.

Evans got Angelico a blind tag and the two tied Bronson in the ropes and attacked the big man’s leg. It didn’t last long and Boulder got the tag and launched The Hybrid2 like sacks of flour. Boulder grabbed the two men in a Samoan drop / drop suit. Bear Country then combined for the Bear Bomb for the win.

Final thoughts:

Bear Country was impressive in the ring and Max Caster was the most impressive outside.