What is your skill? Do you sing, dance or play an instrument?

A program on Saturday will give anyone who wishes the opportunity to show off their talents and win various prizes.

Local radio station WIKS 101.9 presents a community celebration of the Black History program from 4-7 p.m. Feb. 26 at the Jasper G. Hayes Omega Center.

Scott Cassedy, regional account manager at WIKS 101.9, said the radio station wanted to do something to celebrate Black History Month.

“We do a lot of things in-house,” Cassedy said. “We’re having an essay contest, featuring story moments and giving giveaways, but we really wanted to do something public.”

Cassedy said anyone with a talent is welcome to enter the competition.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” he said.

In addition to a talent show, there will be representatives from local businesses and organizations, information booths and exhibits. There will also be free food, music, raffle prizes and games for the kids.

The show is hosted by comedian Johnny “2Cups” Smith of New Bern.

Local businessman Kurtis Stewart said he was contacted by the radio station about the event in January.

“I reached out to people who I thought would help get this done,” Stewart said. “We wanted to focus on people who are local to the area.”

Stewart said there will be several local business owners in attendance.

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“We want kids to understand that learning these crafts is something they can take with them and make a living out of it,” Stewart said. “There will be local electricians, plumbers, general contractors talking about the work they do. It will be an interactive event.”

Scheduled guests include local community leaders, including historian Errol Royal, North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Michael Morgan, who will speak about his upbringing and life in New Bern.

Sharon Bryant, African-American outreach coordinator at Tryon Palace, said the program will focus on black history and local community leaders.

“We have educators, local business owners, politicians and great leaders in this region,” Bryant said. “If we have the program again next year, hopefully we can bring in a few youngsters, but this year we’ve focused on the older generation.”

Representatives from the VOLT Center will provide information for the plumbing, electrical and HVAC trades.

Antoinette Boskey-Chadwick and David Holbert will have information on new construction and repairs for those who need it and information on Wellness Way, a carpentry exhibit and an engagement tool to learn community ideas/visions. Those who complete a Quality of Life survey can get a small Walmart gift card. They will also provide volunteer information for those wishing to gain practical experience on a construction site and information on a current job opening for a site supervisor.

Reesheema Walker of NC Works will have information specific to trades jobs that are posted, information about trades employer needs and about the agency’s job coaches and skills development courses.

The Jasper G. Hayes Omega Center is located at 800 Cedar St. The event is free and open to the public. Food will be provided by Broad Street Takeout and Sea & Soul Bar & Grille.

For more information or to enter the talent contest, visit 101online.com.