Watch Mossley’s Vicar Reverend David Warner deliver a Christmas message and read his latest column of 2021 for the Tameside Reporter.

‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’

This verse from the Gospel of Saint John is often read during Christmas services as part of a longer reading about Jesus, “the Word made flesh”.

As we gather by our Christmas trees and enjoy the light the decorations give to our homes and businesses, there is a lot of darkness around us – the darkness of the ongoing struggle with Covid, l darkness of the world, for winter brings longer nights and shorter days, and for many the darkness of worries, sorrows and preoccupations that become especially difficult to bear at this time of year.

The TV spots show us so much of an idealized situation – families coming together in perfect harmony amid mountains of food and tons of gifts.

The pressure to try to make this a reality can be overwhelming or simply impossible for many of us.

Whatever your Christmas, try to focus on the light of what it is, not the dark of what it might not be – you might not want to celebrate for so many. reasons, or you might be delighted to be reunited with your family after last year’s deprivation.

Whatever you do this Christmas, and who you do it with, I hope you have a blessed and peaceful time.

In the lights of the trees and the decorations we see the light of love and joy, the light that shines through the centuries from the manger in Bethlehem, hence, as the Gospel of John says “The true light, which enlightens everyone, came into the world. ‘

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