Jason Kelly has been an active volunteer with Dundalk FM since 2002. Jason attends Rehab Care, which helps adults with developmental disabilities achieve a greater level of independence.

He has been an active DJ for parties, weddings and playing music from the 1960s to 1990s for many years. He first became involved with Dundalk FM in 2002 when the community radio station provided a “learn to radio” training course with his Rehab Care group.

Above: Dara MacGabhann, Community Development Officer; Jason Kelly; Alan Byrne, Director Dundalk FM

Following this training, Jason and two of his peers became station volunteers and, using their newly acquired broadcasting skills, produced and presented a weekly radio program called “Rehab Care on Air”. This included sharing stories about their activities such as: St. Theresa Special Olympics, day trips, work experience, wellness and art classes and activities in their backyard horticultural.

Having experienced Dundalk FM as a welcoming and belonging environment with good people and good spirit, Jason continued his involvement and became the presenter of his own weekly radio show ‘Drive Time’. Included in this radio show, it broadcasts community advisories to inform listeners of what is happening locally.

Above: poster for Jason’s weekly radio show

Having gained additional skills and abilities through training provided by Dundalk FM, Jason was subsequently appointed as a member of the program and technical committee which supports the management of the station. He has also been involved in supporting Outside Broadcasts as a production assistant at community events such as Dundalk Football Club’s live home games.

Over the years of volunteering with Dundalk FM, Jason has developed many skills in teamwork, planning and timing, interviewing and presenting, broadcasting technical skills, and as a public speaker. invited to community radio training workshops. Along with his growing confidence and skill development, Jason applied and was successful in volunteering with Dundalk Football Club where he is Crowd Steward and supports stadium logistics.

Jason also volunteers in a sound engineer role with other community radio shows such as the weekly ‘Sports Academy’ with John Murphy and Gussie Hearty and is a regular ‘stand-in’ presenter when other community volunteers community broadcasting are unable to present.

Above: Jason with Dundalk FM football commentator John Murphy and footballing legend Stephen Staunton

Jason was also instrumental in two projects that brought additional benefits to the local community. First, he was successful on the production team of a BAI Sound and Vision project which provided funds to produce and broadcast a radio documentary about Dundalk Football Club. Second, Jason was instrumental in setting up the first remote broadcast studio at Dundalk Rehab Care, which was set up during the Covid pandemic to allow Rehab Care participants to undergo training and help broadcast on community radio station Dundalk FM.